An online community connecting physicians with jobs.

A group of new grads in BC was frustrated by the time-consuming and haphazard way of finding desirable jobs, especially locum work. Since those days, Locums.ca has grown into a trusted online portal connecting family physicians & specialists to all kinds of jobs.

Our successes:

“Locums.ca has quickly become one of the main resources I use to find work as a locum physician in British Columbia. All of the relevant information that I look for in deciding on where and who to locum for is readily available on each job posting.  As a new Family Medicine graduate, I am on a variety of email listserves and have been suggested many sites to look for locum work, however none have the ease of “searchability” Locums.ca does.”
Dr. Kimchi Nguyen


I used Locums.ca for all 7 years that I worked as a locum. It is an easy and useful tool that allows you to connect with other doctors and search for new work opportunities. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking for work, or looking for a locum.
Dr. Jennifer Lorne

I have found that Locums.ca is the most productive "paid" recruitment channel. I no longer advertise elsewhere as the response rate does not compare.  I would estimate that 50 percent of our physician recruitment needs are met through personal networking and the remainder thru advertising on Locums.ca. It's a great service.
Dr. David Wilton, rural and telehealth

We have spent  $3000 - $4000 in advertising with others with no responses, but advertising with Locums.ca has produced our best responses of "new" physicians to our call list within days of posting the ad.
Chris Bird, Fort Smith, NWT

We’ve actually recruited 1 of our permanent physician through locums.ca. The experience was great since the online form asked for very specific questions, so the completed ad can give physicians the best possible picture of the clinic when they are browsing on your site.
Ina Yu, Clinic Manager, Richmond BC