Job Location Urban
3100-11666 Steveston Highway
British Columbia, Canada V7A 1N6



General Practice

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Top Earnings

Start Date February 19, 2019

Schedule Description

This is an excellent opportunity for a 9-5 Monday - Friday practice ( Optional Saturday 9am-3 pm) in one of the busiest clinics with friendly patients and support staff.


2 Female FP's are moving and in taking over their family practices would be busy from the start. We also provide walk in services as a group. Very pleasant patients and excellent support staff in a collegial environment. The third Female FP in our group will be off for maternity leave July 2019-December 2019.

Job Specifics

Job Details

This is an excellent opportunity for the right candidate(s) for full time Office based Family Practice. We have the best support staff . We are an excellent team and have had 5 long term happy family physicians. We are building new office space with Medical Mid-Wives and a Consultant Psychiatrist in a dedicated Medical Spa facility. We will be building a new family practice office in 2020 with transit access on the ground floor of a new development in Steveston ( Richmond) . We have tremendous opportunity for the right candidates as we wish succession planning with the right candidates who could take over the office space with future purchase of the office real estate in 6-8 years when the principal physician would look for other endeavours.

On-Call/After Hour Requirements

Optional after hours / on call


The principal physician has supervised and mentored 5 IMGs from the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and the United States of America. We would welcome fully licenced , provisional licenced , IMG candidates with excellent attitudes and team player mentality. Long term potential is outstanding.


We would offer mentoring to candidates and the opportunity to take over the practice in 6-8 years with the purchase of 1 or 2 office spaces : We are building a Medical Spa and a brand new family practice office.
Please talk to your accountant as to why this would be an exceptional opportunity for the right candidates.

Work Environment

Office Environment

We are currently located in the Ironwood Plaza at Number 5 Road and Steveston Highway. There is ample parking and we have the best support staff. We will be moving into Steveston in the next year with the expectation of continuing with our current busy patient panels.


We use Oscar EMR


There are quite a few nice eateries , Starbucks, etc nearby. Our current location is in a large strip mall with an award winning Library and we are equidistant between London Drugs and Save-On-Foods Pharmacies. We will be moving into beautiful Steveston Village in brand new facilities


Estimated Renumeration - Top Earnings
Type - Fee For Service

Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Payment Terms

70-30 Split. This excellent long term opportunity is for hard working candidate(s) who would like ot be involved with succession planning in eventually having an opportunity to buy the office real estate within their corporation(s) in a tax efficient way.Although our preference is a long term candidate, we do have need for a six month locum at a minimum while one Associate is on Maternity leave.

Incentives & Guaranteed Minimums

We are looking for candidates who see long term opportunity and lifetime gain with our opportunities. The candidates will be busy and will earn well if they can work at a reasonable pace.
We do not wish to use gimmicks such as guaranteed minimums as our opportunities would be for long term and lifetime stability. This opportunity would make exceptional use of a professional corporation in the long run and perhaps rival the stability of a pension.

Other Details

As mentioned there would be an opportunity for succession planning and taking over the office real estate within a professional corporation for very tax efficient gains


Dr Melissa Sandrasagra - available on request

Dr Sharan Riyat/ Dr Khawaja Ahmad - available on request

Dr Serena Haque - available on request

Testimonials & Other Information

Ironwood medical clinic is a family practice and a walk-in clinic in a busy urban setting. We are a group of dedicated family practitioners offering total care to a diverse patient population and striving to address patient's needs and provide continuous comprehensive care. I joined the practice in 2016 and am so grateful for all the support my fellow colleagues and clinic staff have provided me with. If you are a physician looking to build a busy practice in a supportive urban environment then look no further.
-Dr. Melissa Sandrasagra

I worked at Ironwood Medical Clinic for 11 years, which in itself is testament. Ironwood Medical Clinic serves a wide demographic of patients, in a busy location, where one can gain experiences in a broad range of medical and minor surgical procedures. This Clinic is ideal for those who wish to be busy and maximize exposure to a varied practice serving a diverse population base.
- Dr. Sharan Riyat

I have been working at Ironwood Medical clinic for 9-years now and I love working here. I joined this clinic as an international medical graduate and it was an easy step towards getting my full licensure in British Columbia. The clinic has got a diversity of patients, there are walk-in and there is a lot of potential to build up a panel of regular, family patients. Each family physician has a panel of their own regular patients. This clinic is ideal for a physician who likes to gain experience, while building their practice, and would like to work in a friendly environment.

- Dr. Khawaja Ahmad

I joined Ironwood Medical Clinic in 2015, as an International Medical Graduate. Whilst working towards full licensure in British Columbia, Dr Singhal and Ironwood Medical Clinic helped me by providing me with the environment required for me to attain full licensure in British Columbia. The result is that I am now an independent practising physician with a substantial patient panel. Ironwood Medical Clinic is a busy urban office with a diverse patient population. A new physician would be able to build their own family practice as well as providing walk in services. The clinic is well serviced by local road networks and amenities. I am very grateful for the opportunity of working at the clinic. I have met some lovely patients and staff. I would recommend Ironwood Medical to any physician who is seeking to build their practice and thrives in a busy office environment. - Dr.Serena Haque