Job Location Urban
5017 47A Ave
British Columbia, Canada V4K1T9



General Practice

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Start Date July 02, 2019

End Date   December 31, 2019

Schedule Description

The office is staffed Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm.
The physician only books patients:
Mon/Tue/Thur 8 am – 3 pm
Wed 8 am – 2pm
Fri 8 am – 12 pm.
Lunch break 12 – 1 pm
The number of days per week and start/end time are flexible for the locum.
The office is closed on all Statutory Holidays.


The physician would be grateful to spend 6 months with the baby, but the end date flexible.

Job Specifics

Job Details

Maternity leave locum needed for an established group family practice located in the heart of Ladner Village, 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. --------- This is an excellent opportunity for new grads to start in a well-organized and supported practice. --------- The physician has two colleagues with 7 and 30+ years of experience in the community. Physician colleagues are happy to mentor. --------- Physicians share a similar philosophy about medicine and they cover each other’s patients as needed. --------- Patient load: 30 – 35 patients a day, 4 – 5 patients per hour. (Flexible) --------- Patient demographics: good balance of longitudinal patients from newborn to geriatrics. --------- The practice has less than 10 patients on chronic narcotics. The physician is happy to write pre-dated triplicates for the locum to dispense at their discretion. --------- No walk-in component.

On-Call/After Hour Requirements

No after-hours on-call, home visit, nursing home, hospital, ER, or obstetrics.
After-hour on-call is done by a group of physicians in the community.
The physician will take her share of after-hour calls before the mat leave.


CPSBC License
CMPA Coverage


The physician hosts a WhatsApp group for physicians new to the community.
This WhatsApp group is a safe environment for physicians to ask questions and share information.
The locum is welcome to join the group.
The physician will share an up-to-date list of consultants, allied health, and community resources.
The physician keeps meticulous EMR.
E.g. medication lists are updated per consult notes showing med changes, and surgical history is updated as surgeries occur.
The physician is a PSP Peer Mentor for the Wolf EMR and has a good knowledge of the EMR.
The physician has a small aesthetic component for Botox and SculpSure laser body contouring.
The physician is happy to train the locum in SculpSure treatment if interested.
Free physician and patient parking.

Work Environment

Office Environment

MOAs have 4 to 18+ years of experience in the community.
MOAs live locally, with good knowledge of the patients, the specialist offices, and Delta Hospital.
MOAs bring home-baked goods weekly and really look after the well-being of the physicians.
Office and office manager have been in the community for 40+ years.
Office interior was renovated in 2018.
The physician has 3 rooms: 2 spacious exam rooms with automatic BP cuffs, 1 private office for charting.
Digital scale in the hallway.


EMR: Wolf
Everything is done electronically unless a physical signature is required.


The practice is located in the beautiful historical Ladner Village.
Excellent Japanese, Greek, Vietnamese, Turkish, and Italian restaurants within walking distance.
Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen is a 15-minute drive away.


Estimated Renumeration - $14K-17.K/month
Type - Fee For Service

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Payment Terms

Split: 70/30
The physician typically bills $20-25K per month before overhead.
$20-25K includes MSP and uninsured services (form fee, driver's medical, etc.), and does not include aesthetic services.
Uninsured services are billed at Doctor of BC recommended rates. Payment by VISA, cash, cheque.
Billing submission and tracking are all done by the office manager.

Incentives & Guaranteed Minimums

Incentive fees: EMR is set up for tracking and billing for CDM, complex care, and GPSC incentives.
Locum will have a fair split of the incentives for the year of 2019.

Other Details


Reference from previous locums available upon request -

Testimonials & Other Information