Job Location Urban
#201 - 520 - 17th Street
West Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada V7V3S8



General Practice

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$30,000 month

Start Date August 12, 2019

End Date   September 02, 2019

Schedule Description

Typically M,T,W,F 9-12 and 2-5. I do surgical assistant work on Thursdays.


Dates are flexible. Also looking for 1-2 weeks in July. It is a busy full time practice but partial coverage of 3-4 days per week would be acceptable.

Job Specifics

Job Details

This practice is a busy 4 day per week practice. I typically work 9-12 and 2-5 daily (M,T,W,F). I do surgical assist work all day Thursday with a general surgeon - a possibility if you are interested. The practice days can be shifted easily to create a long weekend if desired. The practice is 25 years old. Patients are well trained and limit their visit complaints. My patients cover the whole spectrum of ages with the majority of patients, slightly more middle age to senior population than children. High socioeconomic status practice with many professionals, executives etc. I typically see 24 regular apts, 4 Cpxs and 4-5 Fit in patients daily. Visits are 10 min for regular apts and 1/2 hour for Cpx's. Cpx's are almost all billed privately at BCMA private rates. Annual billings over $350,000. Staff are excellent, long term, middle aged, knowledgeable, efficient and very pleasant to work with. All billings done on site. Med Access EMR. On line bookings for patients. I currently work with another GP, Dermatologist and psychologist in the same practice. Patients are used to seeing colleague physicians. Opportunity for walk in's if desired. Beautiful office with state of the art technology, full emergency supplies, AED, pulse oximeters,liquid nitrogen, autoclave, and excisions can be done on site if desired, etc. Located alongside Lifelab's main location in W. Vancouver, the main radiology unit for W. Vancouver, a pharmacy, and a number of specialist offices. Commanding views of English Bay from the office. Private outdoor patio. Nice kitchen - fully equipped. Lots of nice restaurants / Cafe's nearby. Starbucks about 100 ft away! 1 block to beach / seawall - great for a lunch hour walk / run. Showers on site. Bicycle storage on site. Parking spot in underground parking. Right on the buss route both ways with bus stop directly on site. It is a well organized, efficient, and enjoyable practice, in a beautiful office, with very pleasant patients over the full age demographic. Busy with excellent billings.

On-Call/After Hour Requirements

Telephone only, evening and weekend call coverage, only for my practice. No nursing home / assisted living patients and calls can be taken from anywhere. I do it from my cottage. Patients well trained. I have not had an after hours call in the last month and will typically go weeks without a call.


No hospital visits required. No advanced certifications required (ACLS etc). No obstetrics or prenatal care. I no longer visit assisted care facilities / nursing homes. No regular house calls - your call if you want to do this. Opportunity for surgical assists on Thursdays as noted but you will need to apply for privileges at Lions Gate Hospital.


Work Environment

Office Environment




Estimated Renumeration - $30,000 month
Type - Fee For Service

Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Payment Terms

75/25 split

Incentives & Guaranteed Minimums

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