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General Practice

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Start Date November 18, 2019

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Seeking passionate physician to provide patient visits for out patient treatment program through virtual health care. Ideal for someone who is seeking to work remotely, while receiving support from an interdisciplinary team. Hours and days are flexible, client appointments are available from 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday.


Flexible starting date

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Are you a Physician looking for high impact work? Are you tired of seeing 60-90 patients per day with little or no time to practice real medicine? Does the idea of getting to know your patients and watching their health improve excite you? At Alavida, our sole focus is to empower people to have a healthier relationship with alcohol. We walk the walk when it comes to patient-centered care. Our patients set their own goals for treatment together with guidance from our clinicians. There are no unnecessary hurdles (lifetime abstinence goals, admissions of guilt, time off work, etc.) to being accepted into the Alavida program. This allows us to serve a vast population of individuals that have traditionally been missed: the "pre-rock bottom" and to provide an alternative to those that have tried other options without success. We simply provide the best tools available to help them to achieve their goals and we get results! As a Physician you will be responsible for conducting patient visits in line with our detailed protocol that has been designed from nearly two decades of clinical practice and research to optimize efficacy. You will deliver a set number of clinical encounters, each of which has been outlined with specific objectives to each patient. Your session activities will include, but are not limited to assessing the patients physical health and mental readiness, prescribing medication, assessing the effectiveness of the medication on each patient, and managing the dosage. Success in this position will require both the ability to provide a high standard of patient centered care, including managing complex clinical presentations such as stages of change, intoxication, withdrawal, and relapse prevention. All sessions occur through video conference. You will be a key supporter for patients as they work to improve their relationship with alcohol. Your Profile: You are a keen physician who is motivated by the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in addiction medicine. You enjoy learning and are constantly improving your clinical skills. You are excited by the idea of working in a shared care model with substance use therapists. You work well in an interdisciplinary team and are open and collegial about sharing patient care. You understand and appreciate the value of evidence-based treatment and are excited by the idea of being at the forefront of addiction medicine. Your excellent interpersonal skills, ability to provide non-judgmental care for patients, and amazing work ethic make you an integral part of our team. Performance Measurement: At Alavida, patient results are at the core of our culture. Physician performance will be measured using the following metrics: 1. Patient Outcomes 2. Patient Satisfaction 3. Charting Quality

On-Call/After Hour Requirements

There are no on call requirements, or after hours appointments.


- Valid license to practice medicine in Ontario
- Up to date clinical practice and use of current medical knowledge
- Conscientious approach to documentation and data collection
- Passion for treatment mental illness
- Positive attitude towards change
- License to practice in additional provinces
- Experience delivering medical consultations via teleconference
- Experience treating addiction
- Interest in participating in research


Opportunity to work with innovative addition treatment in the comfort of your home office.

Work Environment

Office Environment

Working with team of physicians, clinical counsellors under the support and care of Medical Director.





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Type - Fee For Service

Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Payment Terms

Compensation is $150- $185 per hour commensurate with experience.

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