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General Practice

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Start Date February 04, 2020

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0.5 FTE
5- half days per week


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As a Family Physician working in an environment dedicated to Indigenous health and wellness, this Kilala Lelum Family Physician position will work as part of an inter-professsional community health team. This team aims to provide culturally-safe and effective primary care for people of all nations that are both inclusionary and flexible for individuals with mental illness, substance use disorder or concurrent disorders. Our goal is to meet the holistic needs of the patient and to provide access to services and integration across the care continuum. For further details please see the attached KL model of service diagram. KL Physicians must embrace the “patient medical home+” model of care and commit to a style of practice that upholds the core values of KL, which include: the promotion of equity & wellness, respect, kindness, and Indigenous cultures and knowledge. KL Physicians will make explicit efforts to establish and maintain trusting relationships with patients/members and their families and Vancouver’s Indigenous community more broadly. KL Physicians are encouraged and supproted to participate in teaching and research activties. KL Physicians will provide evidence-based primary-care treatment based on best practice guidelines and individual patient needs. KL Physicians are expected to collaborate/partner with the KL team of Indigenous Elders and Traditional Knowledge-Keepers. The aim is to facilitate the inclusion of Indigenous health & wellness practices and approaches with in the primary care setting.

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KL physicians will hold a medical degree, CCFP (or equivelent), licence for independent medical practice from the College of Physician and Surgeons of BC, and CMPA or equivelent malpractice insurance coverage. Preference will be given to candidates with Indigenous ancestry and to those with significant lived experience working with Indigenous people.

KL physicians will have expert knowledge of inner-city primary care, substance use disorders and adult education principles, methods and tools. A commitment to ongoing professional development in Indigenous Cultural Safety is an expectation.

KL physicians must commit to developing knowledge and relationships which will support the facilitation of patient access to Indigenous healing modalities; knowledge of the social, political and historical impacts of colonization on the health and well-being of Indigenous Peoples; knowledge of legislation and government policies and procedures that impact Indigenous Peoples’ health, and a broad knowledge of Indigenous cultures within North America.

KL physicians must have or develop the skills to provide culturally-safe primary care; work effectively within a team environment; communicate effectively with co-workers,Indigenous patients and their families.

KL physicians are expected to work with individuals with diverse backgrounds, adjust to new or unexpected events, deal with and/or guide others in resolution of conflict issues; and provide consultation, leadership and work direction.

KL physicans must have an acceptable Criminal Records Review Check and be in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.


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Eligible KL physicians will be paid by a salaried service contract administered by VCHA. Salary is indexed to current BC sessional rate, as laid out in the BC Physicians Master Agreement.

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