Job Location Urban
Unit 212 - 4567 Lougheed Hwy
British Columbia, Canada V5C 3Z6



General Practice

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Start Date May 17, 2020

End Date   December 30, 2020

Schedule Description

Monday, wednesday,Friday 11am-3 pm currently, when volume picks up, Monday and Friday 12 PM-6 pm, Wednesday 2pm-8 pm. Sunday currently 12-4 pm, when volume picks up after COVID-19 Public ban lifted, will be 1-6 pm.



Job Specifics

Job Details

Our clinic is 10 year old and developed a large patient base. Practice scope: 1. Traditional family practice if you wish to have your own patients. As Burnaby area has large population without family doctor. 2. walk in practice: the clinic functions as a urgent care centre, many procedures are done in office such as lacerations and epidermal cysts I and D., etc. Also many patients use the clinic as a back up when their family doctors are unavailable. It is a fast paced work environment. 3. Option for doing obstetrics. I deliver roughly 100 women/yr in Burnaby Hospital, my office practice focus is  prenatal care and woman's health, such as pap smears, IUD insertion and endometrial biopsies.  We have 5 physicians working as a group and clinic has been around for 10 years. Oscar EMR is used for patient records. We have 7 large examination rooms all of them equiped for doing procedures. If anyone interested in joinning our team, please call me 604 809-0977 or email Wei Li, MD, CCFP

On-Call/After Hour Requirements

No. But if you order critical lab test such as Tropnin I, you need to give your cellphone number in case lab calls after clinic hours.


BC license and MSP billing number.


72.5% split for MSP and private visit billings. 80% for form. 90% for lawyer 's report.

Work Environment

Office Environment

Staff are experienced and friendly and patient care oriented. You will have 3 rooms to rotate when you work to make sure not slow you down.




Burnaby city is a mixed community with 50% locals whoes ancestors came at least 50 years ago. About 20-30% new immigrants family, rests are students nearby, majority are middle class.


Estimated Renumeration - 72.5%
Type - Fee For Service

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Payment Terms

1. 72.5/27.5% split for MSP and private patients visit

2. 80/20 split for form filled for patients
3. 90/10 split for lawyers report
4. All urine test is billed to the clinic, not physicians.

Incentives & Guaranteed Minimums

Other Details

Parking is free at back in the Mall parking lot.


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