Job Location Urban
100-3010 Gladwin Rd
British Columbia, Canada V2T0H5



General Practice

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80/20 %

Schedule Description

Hours of operations are Monday to Friday from 8am-6pm ,Saturday from 9-6pm , Sunday & Holidays: 10am-2pm
You choose your days and hours


Job Specifics

Job Details

A bright and modern Medical clinic is looking for Family physicians/GPs. The clinic is set up to be a family practice/walk-in (via Telemedicine access and in-office visits) hybrid. The clinic is located at 3010 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC & inside Central Park Village which is a mixed-use development combining 700 residential units in addition to retail stores and offices. There are more and more tower blocks in the area and the need for physicians is high. The clinic is located in an area with many unattached patients looking for a family doctor, filling up a physician’s panel wouldn’t take long. Have a long wait list of patients looking for a family doctor Physician . This is an ideal opportunity for a physician looking to develop a personalized long-term career choice.Just stop by and have a look ! .Competitive billing split, all admin headaches taken care of by an expert full time MOA(clinic manager )and managed by a medical director physician who also works in the clinic as a full time family doctor.

On-Call/After Hour Requirements

ONLY via Telemedicine access (physician's choice )


*Current College of Physicians of BC (CPSBC) License
*Full College of Family Practitioners (CCFP)
*Mandatory Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)


* High income potential .
* Competitive billing split (80/20), all admin headaches taken care of by an expert full time clinic manager and a full time medical director physician.
* 6 Fully exam rooms, 1 Procedure room, Lab/Extra MOA working station. High end equipment.
* Oscar EMR. & online booking system .
* Telemedicine Option .
* Free underground staff parking & Plenty of parking spaces for patients.
* Washroom for patients.
* Designated area for the Physicians (No public access) includes launch room. Physicians office, and private staff washroom.
* Flexible start day.
* Flexible schedule and hours (part-time, full-time), we are open 7 days a week. Family practice and/or walk-in
* Our clinic is next to Pharmasave Pharmacy with two supportive & cooperative pharmacists(owners)
* We will support you with ongoing Marketing & Advertisement tools and cover the related costs.

Work Environment

Office Environment

* 6 Fully exam rooms, 1 Procedure room, Lab/Extra MOA working station. High end equipment.
* Waiting area accommodates (18) patients at a time .
* Supportive,dedicated team & owners are onsite all the time !
* Doctors will have COMPLETE Autonomy to run their practice in a positive , busy medical environment .


* OSCAR (EMR) : We will provide complementary EMR training if needed and our clinic will have 24/hour tech service .
* Telemedicine


− Abbotsford is a fast-growing city with current population of 142,000 with excellent schools, affordable housing and yet a short drive to Vancouver.
− We are in a very high traffic neighborhood, a great visible location with excellent exposure on the main Street and a wonderful patient mix (Young families, seniors, complex care) .
- .Located 7 min from Hwy-1 .


Estimated Renumeration - 80/20 %
Type - Fee For Service

Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Payment Terms

*80/20 % split (for Full time )
*75/25 % split (for Part time )
Physicians are not responsible for any clinic expenses .

Incentives & Guaranteed Minimums

* 40-50 patient a day ,less or more, whatever works best for you .
* Vacation leave : TBD

Other Details


Dr/ Dominic Shiu - Will email back if requested.

Testimonials & Other Information