Job Location Urban
2259 E Hastings St.
British Columbia, Canada V5L 1V3



General Practice

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Start Date August 13, 2019

End Date   September 13, 2019

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Dates Needed: August 26-Sept 13 2019

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Medical Office (E Hastings St.) A locum is needed for private practice on E Hastings Street where 95% of patients speak Cantonese. It is a pure office practice, no obstetrics, hospital, or nursing home visits. Patient population has 95% cantonese speakers, very few english speaking and no mandarin speaking. There are no drug seekers. EMR: Wolf

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Opportunity to practice Chinese Language skills in a clinical setting!

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Wolf EMR


Established back in the 1890s, Vancouver’s Chinatown has been humming busily for more than a century with vivid colours, exotic cuisine and a vibrant culture. Vancouver’s Chinese population originally made the journey to work in local mines and build the Trans-Canada railway. Rich in history and architecture, this area east of downtown boasts North America's third-largest Chinatown after New York and San Francisco. The main commercial area runs is around six blocks, bordered by East Pender Street, Gore Avenue, East Georgia Street, and Carrall Street.

You’ll find plenty of classic Asian specialty stores, with their wares piled by the sidewalk for perusing, as well as dim sum restaurants, apothecaries, and quiet oases offering calm respite from the bustle. While there are many traditional finds in Chinatown, you’ll also see a burst of modern retail thanks to some young entrepreneurs who have set up shop in the neighbourhood, especially along Pender between Columbia and Main streets.


Estimated Renumeration - 70/30
Type - Fee For Service

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70/30, 100% for forms

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For more information on this opportunity, please contact the Vancouver Division of Family Practice today!